Silk Faille 60′s Retro

This was the second dress that I’ve made with the lovely retro inspired Simplicity 2444.

Midnight Blue Silk Faille 60s dress

Midnight Blue Silk Faille 60s dress

This dress is made with midnight blue Anna Sui silk faille that I got for a ridiculous price from Fabric Mart during the deal of the day.  I think I only paid like $3.99.  What a steal for silk, especially designer silk!

Silk Faille 60s Retro Dress

Silk Faille 60s Retro Dress

This boat neck dress is fully lined with pongee and has three quarter sleeves and a matching belt.  I made this to be a winter dress, so it’s very warm.  The silk faille is also a dream to sew with.  I love the stiffness and all of the things you can do with this fabric.

Rhinestone Buckle

Rhinestone Buckle

I love how the rhinestone buckle just pops on this dress.  It really adds some flair to this classic dress.  I bought this buckle on ebay and actually just bought a bunch more at a sewing show I was at yesterday.  Love these buckles!

Silk and Cashmere

Silk and Cashmere

I wore this dress to a luncheon last month in the Bay Area and paired it with this fuchsia cashmere cardigan that I got for Christmas.  I think this dress is just made for a cardigan and definitely brings about the vintage feel that I was going for.

Rhinestone buttons

Rhinestone buttons

My cashmere cardigan came with a single hook and eye closure which I wasn’t too fond of, so I found these cute little rhinestone buttons at Joanns and sewed them on along with some buttonholes.  Love <3

I paired this outfit with some black ballet flats and had planned to also wear some tights with it, but the day was not that cold (about 50 degrees), so I was able to go bare legged.  I also got pretty hot as the day progressed as I made this to be worn in the cold and as I am still apparently acclimated to below zero weather from living in the “arctic” midwest, 50 is pretty warm to me!

Happy Sewing!


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