Meet our foster dog, Todd!

We had been taking a little break from fostering when we we were passed on the info about our newest foster dog, Todd and his “sister”, Tansy.  Both dogs came into rescue after their owner passed away from cancer. Their owner lived with her 91 year old mother and had been her mother’s caregiver before she became ill herself. Between hospice and caregivers who weren’t animal lovers, Todd and Tansy were neglected and very depressed when we picked them up.  The elderly mother was upset, but her family decided that the dogs were too much for her to take care of, so our rescue stepped in.  It was such a sad situation that we did not know the specifics of until we talked to their vet and the breeder came in contact with us. We have had both dogs for about three weeks now and they are such sweet and special dogs. They get along well with everyone, listen well and are well behaved. Both are purebred Border Collies, with Todd being 7 and Tansy being 13. They are doing great and are healthy and happy dogs.

Todd went up for adoption the other day and has had a couple of inquiries so far. I have still have not taken photos of Tansy, but will do so shortly.



Todd is available for adoption through the Border Collie Rescue of Northern California.


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    HI Tanya – I’ve got your swap and I love it all! Thanks so much! That glittery silk is amazing and I love the patterns too – particularly the one with the cardigan on it as I need some ‘accessories’ like that to go with dresses I’ve made. I’m going to blog about it all this weekend. Anyway, I hope my parcel arrives soon and that you like it. With any luck, it will be tomorrow, as I think I posted mine the day after yours.

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      Hi Diane! I’m glad it finally made it to you safe and sound! I’m so happy that you like your gifts and I’m looking forward to seeing how you use them! I can’t wait to get mine, too! :)


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