August Fabric Finds

I have been thinking seriously about sewing for the fall and winter months, which is difficult considering how hot it still is here.  I have yet to sew up anything for cold weather, but I have been preparing to by buying more fabric to add to my stash.  Sometimes I wonder if I need more fabric.  The answer is:  YES!  Especially when I have found good deals like these. :)

First off, I am participating in the “Fall for Cotton” vintage sewing challenge hosted by Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly.  I knew which pattern I was planning to use, but I hadn’t yet decided on the fabric.  I have really been hankering to get some gingham into my life, but most I find are either poly blends or quilting cottons.  I don’t have a problem with either fabrics, but this challenge is for 100% cotton and I didn’t want to use a quilting cotton for this dress as I wanted more drape.  I decided on Vintage Vogue 2960, a dress pattern from 1954.  During my journeys to Joann’s perusing the fabric aisles I have seen this patriotic seersucker fabric and since I had a 60% off coupon this week, I decided that now was a good time to get it.  I bought the whole bolt!  Well, I wanted 6 yards and there was 6 5/8 on it, so yes, I bought it all! :)

Patriotic seersucker for Vintage Vogue 2960

Patriotic seersucker for Vintage Vogue 2960

That seersucker is a little lighter than the photo.  It looks a bit gingham-y to me and I’ve been wanting a patriotic dress.  I know the subject of this challenge is “fall”, but here in my part of California, fall is still warm until November.  I can wear this dress for a while, especially with a cardigan over it.  I am still not done with my quest for gingham.  I won a $20 coupon from NY Fashion Center Fabrics during their Facebook contest and they have a lot of colors of gingham on there.  I also see that is having a sale and they have a lot of gingham.  And now there are so many colors to choose from that it’s making it difficult!  Some of them look like tablecloths to me, but oh well, I’ll just drape myself in a lovely tablecloth. :)

This next fabric is a cream rayon/wool gabardine that was a special sale at Fabric Mart for $2.99/yd.  When I saw it, I knew I had to have it, especially since it was such a good deal!  Often times I buy fabric with no real plan in mind as far as patterns go, but I bought this Burda pattern last month and had been looking for some fabric to make it with and this fits the bill.  I love this pattern and I think it will be perfect for both the coat and dress.  Plus, a cream colored coat will go with so many things!  I have plans to make a couple of coats, including one with some Marc Jacobs wool, but I think it needs to be cooler outside for me to want to make one.  100 degrees and wool doesn’t sound to good to me.  It probably has do with the fact that  I like to wear the garments that I make soon after they are done.

Rayon/wool gabardine and Burda 7108

Rayon/wool gabardine and Burda 7108

I have several Butda patterns in my pattern stash, but have yet to sew with one.  I am going to change that shortly!  Especially since there are so many that I love in the Burda Style magazine that Diane had sent me in the winter sewing swap.  I am itching for a dark denim pencil skirt and some retro blouses!

This rose silk twill was a fabric in Fabric Mart’s Julie’s Picks Club and I loved the swatch when I received it.  The price of $9.99/yd for silk twill is hard to pass up.  I’m not sure yet what to make with it, but I was thinking maybe the dress from Burda 7109 or a blouse with maybe a little extra left to make a scarf.

Rose silk twill and Burda 7109

Rose silk twill and Burda 7109

And this fabric is one I have no idea yet what I will do with it.  I rarely buy full polyester fabrics, but I thought the print on this poly twill was cute.  It was also ridiculously cheap and I couldn’t pass it up.

Floral print poly twill

Floral print poly twill

Some other fabrics that I’d like to get for fall are corduroys and chambrays.  I made a few wool skirts last year as I was building up my winter wardrobe and I think I need a couple of warm dresses.  It’s still difficult for me to think about cold weather sewing….. so I’ll probably wait until November to really get into this.  Of course, by then I will be in Christmas sewing!

By the way, I’m sure by now that if you’re a sewist that you’ve seen the new Buttericks.  I love Gertie’s new patterns plus there are a couple of dresses I like as well.  What I really love is the new Making History patterns.  I buy nearly every historical pattern I find and I won’t be passing up this Edwardian one.  The Edwardian era is my favorite fashion era and possibly my favorite time period in history.  Someday I will make this!  I have many other Edwardian patterns I have yet to make…. Sew much to do!  But I will definitely be grabbing this one up!

There are some historical costume events in the Bay Area that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while.  I just have not had time to make outfits to go to them, considering that I am a historical perfectionist and like to get everything correct, including the undergarments and accessories.  I also have to put together outfits for my husband as well, so it’s a bit more time consuming.  However, I do see myself making this and and wearing it wherever I can, even it’s just a drive up to the Wawona Hotel and taking photos on the porch.

Many thanks to Butterick for this pattern and the Victorian/Steampunk one.  The styling is swoon worthy!  I would much rather sew these ones up than the vintage Folkwear and Past Patterns ones I have of similar Edwardian styles.  This makes me happy. :)

Happy Sewing and Dreaming!



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    yay! I like the patriotic seersucker!! I got some gingham from Harts Fabrics that was nice quality–it may be a little heavy like quilting cotton, but it was nice and soft high quality cotton.

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    Exciting plans! Can’t wait to see how your Fall for Cotton sewing comes along.

    I am so in awe of the historical sewing pieces that I see! Those “new” ones are gorgeous!

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