Pattern Pyramid WINNER!!!

It’s time to pass on the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid!

These are the patterns that I decided to keep:

Patterns to keep

Patterns to keep

And these are the ones that I’ve added to the pyramid from my stash:

Patterns that I added!

Patterns that I added!

And now on to choose the winner!  My assistant, Doc, did the honors:



Doc is the frisbee player of the Hughes Pack, so I gave each person a number (in order of commenter – first to last) and wrote numbers on the frisbees.

Numbered frisbees

Numbered frisbees

I closed my eyes and shuffled them ….

Frisbees waiting for Doc

Frisbees waiting for Doc

Then, I told Doc to get a frisbee and he chose….

Trying to capture Doc

Trying to capture Doc

Doc is quicker than the camera, but he quickly chose the purple one!

Doc's choice

Doc’s choice

And then Doc played some frisbee with the winner…..






And who is the winner?

doc says nessa wins

Nessa wins this round of the Pattern Pyramid!  Congratulations!!!!  I’ll look forward to seeing what she does with these patterns! :)  

Nessa, please email me at: so I can get your mailing address and get these sent off to ya!



  1. says

    I have just posted my pattern pyramid Tanya – thanks for the patterns that you added, I am glad to be the owner of a couple of them!!

  2. says

    Great job to Doc and Tanya what wonderful patterns you added- if that’s what you were willing to give up, you must have some dandy stuff in the stash!!

  3. says

    OH WOW! That’s me on that there frizbee!!
    Thank you so much Doc and Tanya! Sorry to the other two, but hopefully you can enter my giveaway when it is up and running, as I don’t have many followers.

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