The Hawthorn in Turquoise Gingham

Yes! I made yet another Colette Hawthorn!

Colette Hawthorn

Colette Hawthorn

This time I used turquoise gingham that I got from NY Fashion Center Fabrics. Originally, I made view 4 with the short sleeves of view 1.  For some reason that combo reminded me of a diner waitress’s dress, so I took the sleeves off and made it sleeveless.  This will most likely be the last dress that I make without sleeves this year as I’m starting to get into my fall/winter sewing.

dressform bodice

The back

The back

With the last two Hawthorns that I made, I lined/underlined them.  For this one, I stuck to the instructions and the pattern.  Frankly, it was because I didn’t feel like cutting out a lining….  I don’t know about you, but the cutting process is my least favorite part of sewing.  I was just being lazy that day, I guess!  Anyway, I made this dress the way it was designed — without lining and with facings.



I was able to match up the gingham on the bodice, skirt front and sides, but matching up the bodice to the skirt was impossible with the way I cut it out.  I think that the next time I make a gingham dress, that I will cut some pieces on the bias.  I had cut the sleeve cuff that way and it looked awesome, but of course, I ripped those sleeves out.  My next Hawthorn will be view 2 (3/4 sleeve version) in navy sateen and I don’t think that one will look like a diner uniform!

turquoise gingham 2

turquoise gingham 3

I am we4ring my light summer petticoat with this dress, which peeks out.  I surely need a slip with this dress as the fabric is a little sheer.  When I wore this dress yesterday, I wore it with a commercial made half slip.  I really need to make myself a couple of full slips to wear with dresses like this.

turquoise gingham 4

tuquoise gingham back

turquoise gingham 5

turquoise gingham 6

The Hawthorn is definitely one of my favorite patterns to make and wear.  I can’t wait to make another one!  However, I’m taking a little break this week from this pattern and making myself a couple of much needed blouses.

turquoise gingham 7

Happy Sewing!

Dress:  Colette Hawthorn in turquoise gingham

Shoes:  Tommy Hilfiger

Jewelry:  Vintage Dine`(Navajo)

Sunglasses:  ebay

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  • gatorbunny

    I love this dress. And the color is to die for… Beautiful!

  • Kathy

    This is fantastic! Oh man, I love the little bit of the petticoat peeking out from below, it’s the exact perfect finishing touch. You HAVE to get some sparkly red shoes :)

    • tanya maile

      Thanks Kathy! Yes! I think sparkly red shoes are in my future!

  • Sandra

    Another great Hawthorn Tanya, I really like the petticoat popping out the bottom, I think this makes the dress. Just lovely :)

    • tanya maile

      Thank you, Sandra! I haven’t seen another hawthorn with a petticoat and I think you’re right!

  • Susan

    Awesomely cute dress! I really love it with that petticoat peeking out the bottom, quite lovely. (And yes, cutting is *totally* my least favorite part too, no question.)

    • tanya maile

      Thank you, Susan! I often wish I had a “cutter”! Lol

  • anniesews

    Looks great!

    • tanya maile

      Thanks Annie!

  • Rox Guillemette

    Love it! It has a Dorothy kind of vibe to it.

    • tanya maile

      It sure does, doesn’t it? I’ll have to get some red shoes to go with it!

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