An Autumn Hawthorn in Navy Sateen

Yes, I am a bit addicted to this pattern.  And yes, I know it’s not that interesting seeing the third version of the Colette Hawthorn that I’ve made for myself.  Oh, well, I thoroughly enjoy making and wearing this dress.  In fact, this Hawthorn is my favorite yet and my favorite dress to wear at the moment. :)

Colette Hawthorn in navy cotton sateen

Colette Hawthorn in navy cotton sateen

I have actually already worn this three times now since I finished it and just managed to get photos taken in it in the third round.  It has been washed and line dried twice now and is the same as when I made it.

sateen hawthorn dressform

After I made this Hawthorn, I also made a concho belt which I have worn with this and some boots.

Berry Concho

Berry Concho

sateen hawthorn dressform 3

sateen hawthorn dressform 2

This Hawthorn is version 3 with the short sleeves from version 1.  I had planned on making version 2, but I had the bodice all together and got ready to work on the sleeves and I was missing a piece!  I NEVER HAVE LOST A PATTERN PIECE!  I must have thrown it away accidentally or it blew off somewhere….. who knows?  The piece I was missing was the sleeve placket, which wasn’t something I felt that I could draft myself.  I did email Colette and asked if they would send me the piece without me having to buy another pattern and they kindly emailed it to me :)  (Thank you, Rachel!).  However, I was in the midst of finishing this dress up so that I could wear it and decided to make it into short sleeves instead as I didn’t want to wait.  Of course this lessened me being warm(er) in it if it actually ever does turn cold here…. but it has allowed me to wear this comfortably in the 60-70 degree November we are experiencing here in Northern California.  I will just throw a cardi over this if it ever drops into the 50’s….

sateen hawthorn 2

this Hawthorn is made of a navy (medieval blue) stretch cotton sateen that I got from Joann’s.  This fabric is not one of the suggested fabrics on the pattern, but it does work for the pattern.  I would not go any heavier than this fabric for the Hawthorn as I think this is probably the heaviest one should go.  With the collar, facings and plackets, you don’t really want too much bulk and this fabric just barely worked.  I had to put a jean needle in to sew it, but it didn’t break the needle and it worked out very well.  I just love this fabric!  With the tiny bit of spandex in it, it makes the fabric very pliant and comfy and not stiff as some bottomweights can be.  I would highly recommend purchasing this fabric from Joann’s and making a dress out of it!  You won’t be disappointed!  They also had this in a lovely purple that I was eyeing (and yes, I’m sure other colors!).

sateen hawthorn 3 back

Excuse the wrinkles….. I wore this to a meeting this morning and then took these photos! And what’s up with these photobombing animals???!

Photobombed by Rollie

Photobombed by Rollie

I followed the directions completely with this dress.  No need for lining either.  This is definitely a dress that you can accessorize up!

sateen hawthorn 5

Don’t worry!  The next couple of garments WON’T be a Hawthorn!  I just finished a dress made of emerald green wool crepe and am starting on my first Cake Tiramisu and my FIRST KNIT DRESS this week!  Yay!

Happy Sewing!





Dress:  Colette Hawthorn in navy stretch cotton sateen, made by me

Shoes:  BC Footwear

Jewelry:  gift from my mom

  • Sandra (Sewist-Stitch)

    This pattern looks so good on you, I can totally understand why you want to make more. I love your belt – you are sooooo cleaver. Isn’t that the great thing about indie pattern designers, you can always contact them for anything :-)

    • tanya maile

      Thanks, Sandra! Indie designers are the best! If I emailed McCall for the same thing, they probably would make me buy the pattern again!


    wow…nice!! You could make this a fourth time. I wouldn’t mind at all. 😎
    Making a belt?….you are too much!!

    • tanya maile

      I will be making this a fourth time in the longer sleeve version as soon as I decide what fabric to use! :)

  • ksgentry

    Love that dress! The Hawthorn pattern is one of my favorites. It looks timeless in summer or winter colors. What a great job! I am inspired to pull my pattern out and see where it leads me!

    • tanya maile

      It is such a great pattern with so many ways to make it your own. Feminine, comfortable, and flattering. You will love it!

  • Beth Conkwright

    Great classic dress. The fit is lovely.

    • tanya maile

      Thank you, Beth!

  • Amanda


    • tanya maile

      Thanks, Amanda!

  • dani e

    Love it! Love love love the navy. Dress is so well fitted! Well done!

    • tanya maile

      Thanks, Dani! The stretch also helps with the fit, I think!

  • Gjeometry

    I can see why you have made this 3 times as it looks great on you. I like it in the navy sateen fabric, its very crisp. Also love that belt you made!

    • tanya maile

      Thank you! This fabric is one of my faves!

  • Rox Guillemette

    Looks awesome! Don’t fret about making the same pattern three times in a row: we should learn from you and make more tried and true basics like these. Lovely!

    • tanya maile

      Thank you. Rox! I sure am getting my money’s worth!

  • the Garment Farmer

    love navy blue–lookin classic and lovely in your dress! The conch belt is awesome! May I ask where you got those conchos??

    • tanya maile

      Thank you! I got the conchos from A belt blank, 3″ and 3/4″ conchos, and a 3″ concho buckle — all about $60. Just measure and mark, punch your holes and screw on the conchos and you’re done! Far cheaper than $200+ to buy one ready made. They have a lot of nice conchos on their for super cheap. I’m planning on making a copper one next

      • the Garment Farmer

        Oh cool, thanks! I’m off to check the website :)

  • sewexhausted

    I can see why this is your favorite! It’s a great color… nice and deep. Looks very nice made up as a Hawthorn. You look very nice! ~Laurie

    • tanya maile

      Thanks, Laurie! I love it! :)

  • ShanniLoves

    I love this pattern! I just got my copy in the mail and can’t wait to sew it up! Looks great!

    • tanya maile

      I can’t wait to see what you make!!

  • Nessa

    It looks great! Navy is such a useful colour.

    • tanya maile

      It certainly is! So versatile and flattering!