A Candy Striped Jersey Tiramisu

Although I have had this dress made for a couple of weeks now and have worn it and washed it a few times already, I am just now getting photos and blogging about it!  I actually have a few things made to photograph as well….. ahhh, the holidays! :)

My Cake Tiramisu

My Cake Tiramisu

This the Tiramisu knit dress pattern by Cake Patterns.


There were a lot of firsts whilst making this dress.  First of all, I am not a sewer of knits and am not accustomed to working with them.  I also have never sewn with jersey, nor have I used a Cake Pattern.  Thus, it took me a little longer than it usually does to concoct a dress, but I’m certain it will run a bit smoother when I make my next Tiramisu.  And yes, there will be another one!  I am very happy with this one, although I do have to safety pin the bodice in order to not show too much cleavage.  I am going to adjust that next with a smaller cup size and hopefully that will help me.  Or, I’ll just wear a camisole underneath.  So far, a small gold safety pin has done the trick.  I always seem to have to use one with wrap and faux wrap dresses and skirts.


My Tiramisu is made of a rayon/lycra jersey knit that I bought for $2.99/yd as a “crazy priced” sale fabric from Fabric Mart a couple of months ago.  It’s a very nice jersey and soooo comfortable to wear.  In fact, pairing this dress with leggings makes me feel like I’m wearing pajamas all day, and yet, I certainly don’t look like I’m out and about in my jammies, do I? :)


the Tiramisu has instructions for cutting this pattern out on stripes, which made that part fairly easy.  It did take a bit of time to match the stripes up on the adjoining pattern pieces.  I did fairly well except for the shoulders, where it isn’t as seamless.  I only used my serger to finish the edges, but frankly, I’m a bit nervous about actually sewing knits with my serger, so I haven’t tried that yet.  Heck, I just managed to change the thread on my serger (with the help of my husband) from white to black…… baby steps….. yes….. baby steps!


I certainly plan to make another Tiramisu in the future!  I am not sure how near that future will be yet as I have not found any knit fabrics that I like as much as this striped jersey.  But, I’m certain I will!  In the meantime, I’ve been working on some blouse/skirt outfits and Christmas gifts.  And yes, the 70 degree November here finally vacated and winter arrived a bit early to our ranch here in Northern California.  We had our first snow on Friday night which has been steadily melting since then.  I like me some cold weather!  Well…. cold for here!

Happy Sewing!




Dress:  Cake Tiramisu in rayon/lycra jersey made by me

Jacket:  Macy’s

Boots:  Aerosoles

Sunglasses:  Burberry

  • betterthanewe

    I just found your blog and am loving it! you inspired me to make this dress for myself… It has been a while since I have sewn a garment for myself (3 kids ago to be precise) but I think I will jump on the horse again and give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://gravatar.com/betterthanewe betterthanewe

    Zow! I love this dress! I just bought this pattern and am excited to get it under way! Thanks for posting your awesome pics and giving me the motivation to get sewing again… It’s been a while.

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thanks! This is a great pattern to sew when you’re getting back in to sewing! I’m looking forward to making another one!

  • http://aebgledhill.wordpress.com Amanda

    Wow! Impressive matching of stripes!

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thank you! It’s easy though with this pattern. :)

      • http://aebgledhill.wordpress.com Amanda

        It just looks fantastic. You are very talented. Have you been busy planning for your next 1920s event? I loved the post you did on that! I often think of it! I do hope you go this year just so I can see the photos of it!

        • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

          I was actually just looking at fabrics to make another 20’s tea dress! I am thinking of using an ivory silk georgette that I already have and making a lavender slip to go underneath it. Going to look at more 20’s photos for inspiration.

          • http://aebgledhill.wordpress.com Amanda

            Look that sounds gorgeous, I tried to make my Christmas party dress in a 20s style. I did drop waisted and then added a long bow on one shoulder. I was very happy with it. They had such beautiful ideas. I watch Downton Abbey just to see the outfits! Now, there is some inspiration for you!!

          • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

            That sounds gorgeous! I love Downton Abbey, too. :) Such beautiful dresses!!!!

  • http://quitereasonable.blogspot.com/ Kimberly

    This came out great. I’ve made this pattern a bunch of times, but never in a stripe. I really like that you chose a fabric where the stripes differ.

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thanks, Kimberly! I think the different stripe colors and the thin stripes also help with matching them

  • http://sewiststitch.blogspot.co.nz/ Sandra (Sewist-Stitch)

    The Tiramisu looks great on you. I’m a little scared to try and make it with stripes – pattern matching isn’t my best thing. I’m in awe of anyone who does such a great job matching stripes.

  • http://www.moonthirty.com Susan

    Oooh, I’ve been waiting to see this! :) I’m so glad you like it. I agree, it’s such a great design for stripes. I’ve used a print, solid, and stripes for it and I just can’t get over the effect from the stripes, definitely my favorite.

    I always sew my knits on my sewing machine and finish them on the serger, but I know I’m in the minority on that one. I like to be more *precise* along the seamlines than I feel I can do with just the serger.

    Can’t wait to see your next Tira… 😉

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thanks, Susan! I love the stripe effect. With this pattern, there isn’t Mich “thinking” either when you’re cutting it out.

  • http://www.catsandcalico.blogspot.com/ Beth Conkwright

    Dress looks so nice. To help pull in the neckline stretch the binding a little more at the top of the bust so it cups to you. The smaller cup size might make it worse.

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thank you, Beth! I will try that next time.

  • http://nessahux.blogspot.com Nessa

    Your tiramisu looks amazing! Great stripe matching – a very slimming design feature that I am hoping to create too if I ever get around to making my own Tiramisu up! Hope you can solve the gaping issue for your next one.

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thanks, Nessa! I love the stripes. I may just make another striped tiramisu!

  • dani e

    Super cute! I could change serger thread all day long but matching those stripes would be a nightmare for me. I love seeing your projects! im promising myself to make some clothes for just meas soon as the holidays are over. YoU inspire me! Thanks for sharing madam
    Dani e

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thank you, Dani! Matching the stripes on this pattern isn’t bad as it has guides for the stripes and just tedious work making sure they meet at the seams. I hope you get to sew for yourself soon!

  • https://www.facebook.com/dvalenta Debbie Valenta

    Wow, that dress looks fantastic on you! I wish I had room to sew again :-(

    • http://missushughes.wordpress.com/ tanya maile

      Thanks, Debbie! I know how it is not being able to sew. I didn’t have my sewing machine with me when I lived in South Dakota and it sure did suck