A Blue Floral Betsy


Hello there, folks!  I’m back again with another skirt!  This time, the Blue Ginger Doll Betsy!

floral betsy 1

I was fortunate to be one of the pattern testers for this new pencil skirt pattern as part of the Curvy Sewing Collective.  This was my first time using a Blue Ginger Doll pattern and I am HOOKED!  I just LOVE Abby’s patterns and I cannot wait to sew more!

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The Betsy is my favorite pencil skirt pattern and as it has three variations, there are so many possibilities!

[source: Blue Ginger Doll]

This version is view B, a wrap skirt that buttons on the side.  The fabric I used is a blue floral cotton pique from Fabric Mart.  I actually got this fabric in a random fabric bundle last year, but I had seen it in a previous FM Julie’s Picks Club swatch.  They got some more of it and I see that it’s still on the site if you want to get yourself some. (Appears to be sold out now) :(

This fabric is a dream to work with and perfect for a skirt.  I had limited yardage of it as it came as a remnant and it’s been sitting on my cutting table since last year awaiting to be made into something.  Along came the Betsy and a match was made!

I was planning to wear the BGD Mae blouse with this skirt and had it nearly put together, but I decided the color/fabric didn’t look just right with the print of the skirt and made this quick shirt out of a pale blue organic cotton jersey that I had in my stash.  Isn’t it weird sometimes how you can choose a color for a separate that is in the print of another separate and yet they don’t really “match”?  In this case, I think it’s because the fuchsia of my Mae blouse is only in small amounts in the skirt’s print. I will finish up that blouse and wear with something else. :)

[source: Butterick]

The pattern I used for my top is Butterick 5863, a Connie Crawford design.  This is actually the first knit top that I’ve made.  I really see why a lot of you enjoy sewing with knits so much! It sure is fast and easy!  I actually got this pattern in the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid.

floral betsy 2

floral betsy back

The Betsy comes in plus sizes, btw!  I made my Betsy in a size 24 and was so happy that I did not have to grade up.  It fits just fine and is comfortable to wear.  It’s definitely a staple pattern and the only pencil skirt pattern that I will be using from now on!

floral betsy 3

floral betsy 4

floral betsy 5

Also, sorry if I look “less than thrilled” in these photos….. I’ve been sick all week and took these yesterday.  I feel like sh*t and don’t have much to smile about.  I wasn’t trying to be pouty…..  I have had this Betsy finished for a while now, but with my last-minute shirt change and being ill, I just barely made it in in time.  Also, no close-up photos as one of my eyes is red….. yes, I’m just a walking disease factory at the moment. :(

floral betsy 6

I have actually made the other versions of the Betsy as well and will be back in June to show you another one, plus the fabulous new Ava jacket!  Be sure to check out all of the lovely ladies on the Betsy and Ava blog tour!  Thank you so much Abby for allowing me to be a part of this and for your gorgeous patterns!  I sure love Blue Ginger Doll!!!! :)

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Happy Sewing!

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  • Skirt:  Blue Ginger Doll “Betsy” in cotton pique, made by me
  • Shirt:  Butterick 5863 in organic cotton jersey, made by me
  • Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman
  • Jewelry:  Bauble Bar
  • http://sewingroomscreaming@blogspot.com Amy Finch from Sewing Room Screaming
  • Lynn

    I love your skirt and fabric. I made a jacket out of this exact fabric this month. Indeed it is a great fabric to sew.

    Your dresses are lovely as well. Great fit!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Lynn!! I had never sewn with pique until this skirt and I really like it. So nice to sew and easy to wear. The next time I find some I like I will definitely get it! I’d be interested to see your interpretation of the fabric.

  • http://curlsnskirls.wordpress.com CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely fabric, Tanya, and great skirt.
    Hope you’re feeling muuuch better !
    xx del

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you! I just love this skirt! :) I am healed up and feel 100% finally!

  • http://prttynpnk.wordpress.com prttynpnk

    Ringadingding! You need a bunch of pencil skirts to get out of traffic tickets and such- you look smashing

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you!! I think you’re right! 😉

  • Carolyn

    Hope by now you’re feeling better because your skirt and top are just fantastic!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Carolyn! I’m getting there! Now to do a backlog of sewing….

  • http://sewiststitch.blogspot.co.nz/ Sandra (Sewist-Stitch)

    I hope you feel better soon – nothing worse than dreaded bugs just hanging around and making themselves at home. Your skirt looks fantastic – looking forward to seeing your jacket.

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Sandra! Unfortunately the bugs are still here, but the antibiotics are making them vacate!

  • http://Buttontreelane.blogspot.com Michelle

    Gosh I love it! What a fabulous pattern and that fabric is makes it a stunning combo. I have a larger hip than the pattern so would still have to grade it up a little, but I am definitely going to make the Ava!

    First time reader and commenter here – found you thanks to the blog tour! Hope you feel better soon.

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Michelle! It will be super easy for you to grade up. Have fun with it. I bet you’ll find some super awesome print to pair it with!

  • http://Sewmuch2learn.wordpress.com ksgentry

    I love that pencil skirt, and I love that you selected a floral fabric instead of going with something plain and boring. And your accessories are great. That necklace is so cute. Hope you feel better soon, there is nothing worse than being sick.

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you!!! I’m glad I had this floral fabric in my stash to use. Definitely my favorite skirt!

  • http://lifeinamadshouse.wordpress.com Mads (lifeinamadshouse)

    You look absolutely smashing in this skirt–well done! So sorry that you’ve been ill lately; hope you feel better very soon!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Mads! :)

  • http://seamrippedblog.wordpress.com Charlotte Witherspoon

    Oh, that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fabric you chose, and the fun little wrap detail. You got the fit down pat.

    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Do feel better!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Charlotte! The wrap version is my favorite!

  • http://www.cashmerette.blogspot.com Jenny Rushmore

    Wow this looks fabulous! And the fabric is adorable. I”m bummed I was away for the pattern testing phase, but rest assured I will be making my own version soon!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Jenny! I’m bummed, too, but I can’t wait to see how you rock this skirt!

  • Naomi

    You look absolutely lovely in this! It’s certainly seems like the pencil skirt pattern :)

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Naomi! I totally recommend it!

  • http://www.bluegingerdoll.com Abby

    Gorgeous! Love it on you :)

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Abby! The best pencil skirt pattern ever!

  • Natasha

    You are totally inspirational. I love that skirt and it’s very cute on you! The fabric was a good choice. I am just learning to sew and it’s great seeing all of your fabulous projects, they make me want to improve my skills. Feel better soon!.

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Natasha!! The good thing about learning to sew these days is that there is so much information out there to help you out. I especially love how indie patterns offer step by step instructions so it’s not confusing.

  • http://www.valeriesownsewingblog.blogspot.com Valerie

    Betsy and you are a perfect combination. Va Va voom!
    Get well soon!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Valerie! I certainly agree!

  • http://rosiewednesday.blogspot.com rosiewednesday

    Ohhh, this is sooo good!! The print of that fabric is just amazing, I really might have to go get me some. And the fit and style of this pattern is so flattering on you!!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Lauren! I do so love this fabric and this skirt!

  • http://tiffanysnotionsandknits.blogspot.ca Tiffany

    Very pretty skirt. Hope you get better soon!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Tiffany! :)

  • gmariesews

    OMG! I love this. I bought a red stretch denim to make mine. I’m totally digging all the florals. This is an amazing skirt and even sick you look fabulous. Feel better soon. So sad I didn’t sign up for the blog tour. g

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      I’m sad you didn’t, too! Hopefully we will see your version soon. I also made one in a red denim, but unfortunately it doesn’t stretch, so working on modifying it.

  • http://www.kathy-sews.com/ Kathy Sews

    What a great fit! I’m loving the floral. I wish I had more opportunities to wear a cute little skirt like this, I’d be on this pattern so fast if I did. This outfit will kick all those beastly germs out.

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Kathy! I’m not sure how often I will wear this honestly, but it’s a good thing to have in my closet for a meeting or church or something along those lines. :)

  • http://happilycaffeinated.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    Love your new skirt!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Michelle! :)

  • http://Newbiesewist.blogspot.com Heather R

    I always wonder about pencil skirts on a plus size frame but DANG that skirt makes your curves look rockin’! And that shirt! Immediately going on my must by list, it looks so much nicer on you than on the envelope. Feel better!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      I think this is the prefect pattern for curvy gals, Heather. Others I’ve made were a bit boxy, but not this one. It accentuates and skims and with the higher waist you don’t have to worry about a muffin gut!

  • http://anotherhatchettjob.wordpress.com janhatchett

    Get well soon!!! I love your skirt and it looks so nice and feminine on you. I have always shied away from that silhouette, but seeing how nice it looks on you, I may give it a go!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Jan! This is something that I’d be more likely to wear in the winter with a big sweater over it and boots, but I see how bombshell that high waist is when exposed so I may have to wear it like this!

  • http://www.tresbienensemble.com Michele

    WOW! You look stunning! I love this silhouette on you. A good pencil skirt is something every girl should have in her arsenal. This particular version is really gorgeous with the bold floral print you used. I hope you feel better soon!!! :)

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Michelle! I wholeheartedly agree that every girl should have a great pencil skirt pattern. I’m glad to say that I’ve found mine!

  • http://sewprettyinpink.wordpress.com Andie L.

    Feel better! You look amazing in the skirt/top. :) I love the skirt print. So pretty!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Andie! I have to say that when I first saw a swatch of this fabric that I didn’t think much of it, but when I got it in my hands I sure fell in love.

  • https://plus.google.com/104791026507446550130 Rox Guillemette

    Hope you feel better soon! In the mean time, let me just state the obvious: dang, girl, you ROCK that skirt! I love the fit and fabric choice, so lady like!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, Rox! If this was something that I’d wear often, I’d probably have 10 of them in my closet!

  • http://flowercatdesigns.wordpress.com Kelly

    You look amazing!! That skirt is just wonderful, so flattering and you couldn’t have chosen a better fabric. Hope you feel better soon!

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thank you, Kelly! It’s my favorite skirt now!

  • http://www.uandmii.co.uk T

    So sorry to hear you are poorly … but you still look fab in your new skirt. Your fabric choice made me smile as my Betsy is also made in a blue with roses floral! (Great minds and all that!) Can’t wait to see your jacket next week. Take care lovely Mrs H. x

    • http://www.tanyamaile.com tanyamaile

      Thanks, T! I can’t wait to see yours! You always choose the most beautiful prints.