A Burgundy Violet

violet 1

Hello friends! I made one Violet and couldn't wait to make another one!   This, of course, is the BlueGingerDoll Violet knit dress.  It's definitely one of my favorite knit patterns and once I made my first one, I was already planning another one! This Violet is made pretty much the same as the first one.  I lengthened the skirt by two inches instead of adding the contrast hem band like on my first.  I'd probably add more length to it next time, but I'm happy with this length, … [Continue reading...]

A Dahlia for the Holidays

red dahlia 4

Merry Christmas, friends! I'm so happy to share this year's Christmas dress!   The pattern I used this year is the Colette Dahlia.  As soon as this pattern came out, I had to have it.  There is a designer dress that I've been planning to copy and this pattern is quite similar to it and meant that I didn't have to do any pattern tweaking, mashing or drafting to get a similar look.  I decided to make a different dress with the pattern first before cutting into my more expensive fabric … [Continue reading...]

An Aqua and Rose Moneta

aqua rose 1

Hello, friends! It seems like I’ve had a backlog of projects to photograph and here’s the first one — yet another Moneta! Yes…..it’s another Moneta, so nothing too different here.  The Moneta is no doubt my go-to pattern for a quick and easy dress.  I find that I’m wearing these quite often in these colder […]

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Blogiversary Giveaway WINNERS!

giveaway 2

Hello friends! I’m happy to announce the winners of my blog anniversary giveaway. I wish I  could give every one of you a gift, but I had to dwindle it down to two.  I randomly chose the winners using a number generator after assigning each entree a number. For Parcel #1: And the winner is […]

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A Navy Wool Peggy

wool peggy 1

Hello there, friends!   I have a new outfit to share! Yay!  Someone asked me a few days ago if I was a fast sewer.  I really am not that fast unless it’s something that I’ve sewn before and is simple and easy to put together [like the Moneta].  It’s just that I generally sew […]

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The Jenny Lee Dress [Simplicity 1459]

striped shirtwaist 1

Hello, friends!   I’m happy to share this retro shirtwaist dress with you!  This dress is inspired by this lovely striped shirt dress worn by Jenny Lee in Call the Midwife.  I couldn’t find any photos online, so these are screen captures from season 3. I used Simplicity 1459 to make my dress, along with […]

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An Orange Liberty Moneta


Hello there, friends!   It’s no secret that I LOVE the Colette Moneta.  I never liked knit dresses nor would I have ever thought that I would until the Moneta came around.  It’s easy and quick to make and super comfy to wear.  It’s a go to everyday dress for me that I love to […]

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