Notes from an [aspiring] Savvy Sewist

Mrs. Hughes' Sewing Room

Nope, I'm not showing you a handmade garment this week. :(  It's not that I have not been sewing -- I am working on a few things at the moment -- its that I'm a bit lackadaisical about it as of late.  I go through stages of this, so it's nothing new.  Eventually I will get back in the groove, especially since summer is waning and I still have summer dresses I want to make and wear! Anyway.... I've been thinking that perhaps I should share some of the little things I've learned here and there … [Continue reading...]

{tutorial} Pattern Grading: Method Two – Shift Grading

grading method two banner

And now another way to grade your patterns! Disclaimer:  This is how I grade up patterns.  I am by no means an expert.  Take caution when grading up a pattern. Pattern Grading series Method One:  The Easy Way Ah, pattern grading.  Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but it's sometimes a necessary evil.  This method is a relatively quick and easy way to grade a pattern up.  I would not say that it's the best way.  I would find whatever method works best for you and utilize that, but … [Continue reading...]

The Doctor Who Dress


Well hello there, friends! Here’s a wee bit of geekery to start off the week.   This is my Doctor Who dress!  I love the idea of everyday fangirl dresses and made my own.  This one is the Colette Hazel pattern. I am honestly not too sure what I think about this pattern…. I have […]

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{tutorial} Pattern Grading: Method One – The Easy Way

hazel sizing

I’ve been asked many times  to do a tutorial on pattern grading, so here it is!   DISCLAIMER:  This is how I grade up most of my patterns.  I am by no means an expert.  Take caution when grading up a pattern. Pattern Grading series Method Two:  Shift Grading When I first started using sewing […]

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The Oakland A’s Bark at the Park 2014

yellow peggy 3

Our favorite dog day of the year has arrived! The Oakland A’s Bark at the Park! This was our second time attending the dog day game.  Last year’s game was such an awesome experience that we’ve been looking forward to this game all year! Mr. H and I took Doc and Rollie again.  They wore […]

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A Geranium Print Tie Strap Dress from 1953

geranium print 6

Hello, ladies! It’s time again for a retro pattern! This is Retro Butterick 5708, a full skirted dress with tie straps from 1953. I was perusing my hoard collection of retro patterns a few months ago when I came across this pattern.  I was very much drawn to the one shoulder look and thought it […]

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